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The Perfect Balance Between Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage


 I just came home from my first massage from you, and I am thrilled! You asked what I wanted, and proceeded to do just what I requested. You are professional, warm, and friendly – but most important, you give a relaxing, terrific massage! I’ve enjoyed a great many massages in my life, and yours was one of the best. Your office is serene and client friendly, with assorted teas and water available, soothing music and waterfalls, and a calm atmosphere. I like the heated massage table, comfortable oil, and atmosphere of the massage room.  

 Thank you for a very pleasant experience. I look forward to our next appointment – which I’ve already booked. :)   LN

" The full session was wonderful from head to toe to arms, neck and back again. I’ve been seeing Brandi for over a year and find her truly amazing in connecting with my needs and tune in with my body. She gives relief where you don’t even know you need it. Today the work on my arms, hands and shoulder were amazing. She gives great suggestions on exercises afterward also. I highly recommend her work, plus very knowledgeable on how your body works!. Thank you for every single session. "  V V

I have had chronic neck, shoulder and back pain for years. I've gone to the chiropractor, tried acupuncture, other massages, and now I finally get relief. Brandi studies different ways to treat problems so if something is not getting relief, she'll try to find an alternative way to relieve the pain- and it works. It's really nice to have a Massage Therapist that is committed to making you feel better and will spend the time planning  between sessions! I know that after every appointment, I'm going to feel better and walk a little straighter!" D R

Car Accidents 


Carpel Tunnel 

Frozen Shoulder

Scar Tissue Mobilization

Chronic Pain


Back Pain

Sports Injuries


Neck Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

& More

Pre / Post Natal

Brandi Higbee is no longer accepting new clients and is closing Soma Vista Massage on December 23rd, 2017 to focus on other projects but will still be practicing in the Renton area at:  




No longer accepting insurance

Sorry for the inconvenience


Injury  Prevention & Treatment  

Lomi -Chi Massage

Stress Management

About my style:

I specialize in Physio Sequence Therapy

This therapy considers the whole body in relation to pain and discomfort. It connects with mostly the nervous, fascia and the primo vascular (meridian) systems to help the body to heal on many levels. Our body tends to hold on to tension in various ways, PST works to address them all in a grounded way. (Mind + Body + Energetic)

The PST aim is to balance posture to allow for a better flow of energy in your system.






It combines wisdom of ancient Eastern healing systems like Oriental Medicine with Western Orthopedic postural therapies and empirical research. It is one of the first modalities to specifically work with the Primo Vascular system in a facial way, which is documented to be the tangible meridian system.

How does it feel?   Deeply relaxing because the body is no longer holding onto accumulated tension. You feel a deep release without extreme pressure.


  Renton's top Massage Therapist for Injury Treatment!

  Renton's top Massage Therapist for Injury Treatment!

Feel Relief. Get Results

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