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What is it and how is it beneficial?

The motto for Physio Sequence Therapy is the classic adage "Work smarter not harder".  It is a multi-faceted approach, based on scientific research and several years of clinical application. that addresses the source of postural imbalances and pain by releasing fascial restrictions. It is highly effective for both stress and pain management and is very complimentary to other rehabilitation therapies. The mind and body are one cohesive unit and the muscular system will not relax if the nervous system is stressed. As such, the primary goal of PST is to calm the nervous system to relieve tension in the body. This allows the muscles to relax with-out the need for extreme pressure to gain results. The therapy can be light or deeper to suit the client's comfort. It is the mind frame of an PST trained Therapist that the body has an innate wisdom and that pain is not the natural state. Pain is a result of stimulus that the body is reacting to like stress, trauma, scar tissue, postural compensation, or other factors.


The deep fascial line. The body flexes and tenses this line when stressed. You can see how it would impact various bodily complaints. 

This is an example of some of the most common bands found with prevoius clients. You can see how these bands can restrict your mobility and could cause increased pain. 

Somatic Sequence Therapy (SS Therapy)

Fascia is an intrinsic part of the body and there are many "lines" of fascia throughout. There are also various reasons for pain and dysfunction that occur. Two reasons are fascial bands and neural fascial adhesions, or "knots". Fascial bands are horizontal, like the supporting tissue called retinacula bands, that you find around joints like the wrist or ankles. Their purpose is to help support the area if the body feels compromised or weak. But theses fascial bands also engage if the internal pull is significant, such as tension in the hips or shoulders. It is hard to say which comes first, the bands or neural fascial restriction, but the two are synonymous and are typically found at the same location. The theory is these bands tighten up due to the pull from the deep fascial line, and while the body does it out of protection, causes the muscles, blood vessels and nerves to become restricted.  It takes a trained eye and highly skilled sense of touch to feel for the bands, neural fascial restriction and deep fascial tension. SS Therapy is one of the few techniques that actually works to release these bands specifically, yielding a faster recovery and full spectrum injury prevention. Though strengthening weak muscles is highly encouraged for postural balance while receiving SS Therapy.

Contact us today for a 13 point posture assessment and consultation to see where your bands are and how Somatic Sequence Therapy can help you.

Let’s say you encounter a stressful situation. The brain automatically categorizes it as "Danger" or "No Danger". From that point, before the information travels to our cerebral cortex, our body reacts and tenses up. We may make the conscious decision that the stressor is nothing to be concerned about, but our body has already made the executive decision to tense up to protect the vital organs. This goes unnoticed because it happens in the background of our awareness, called the autonomic nervous system. In SS Therapy, the theory is that our deep fascial line is what tenses up from autonomic input. Take this single stressful situation and multiply that by, perhaps 365 days and several years. You can begin to see how over time, the deep fascial line can silently create an "internal pull" on structures in the body. It is believed that this is the underlying cause of most postural compensations. It might show up as, "I'm just not as flexible as I used to be" and most would chalk it up to "old age". When in actuality, they are in a compromised position due to this deep internal tension and any injury will be exacerbated.  SS Therapy uses a systematic approach to connect with the deep fascial line. Done the right way, can be very calming to the mind and body, creating longer lasting results.

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